Recording a platform on Mulfran, Blaenau with people standing around its edges to define it.

Recording a platform on Mulfran, Blaenau with AHAS, Aberystruth History and Archaeology Society

Another year heads to its conclusion and we can again look back over the 12 months since our last newsletter.

This has been a year of getting used to new guidelines and legislation in Wales, which has taken some effort. Trysor has chipped away quietly in the background, and enjoyed the best summer ever seen, from May to July. The highlight of our year was probably getting a lump of iron slag and a Dark Age radiocarbon date out of a ditch in Montgomeryshire.

While such simple things have kept us happy, Brexit has claimed all the headlines, dragons have nested in Wales’ finest castles and recent rumours have been reported of a Celtic chariot burial being found in a field, stirring excitement in Pembrokeshire, and we will surely hear much more about that during 2019.